christmas tree holiday

We drove down to Ripon last night to visit my Momma on a weekday…she’s ill with the Flu and was all smiles when her two girls arrived. We had decorated her tree for her this past weekend and it was gorgeous! I haven’t got a chance to take a picture of it. But I did happen to take a picture of ours last night. After I got home and couldn’t sleep and my hubby was up playing the PS3. I decided to take a stab at it. We have had two Christmas’ at our new home and yet no pictures. So this year I’m gonna document it all. At least I’ll try. =)

Christmas is here! My favorite time of year after Memorial – the first summer break! I’ve been busy catching up on alot of processing and haven’t had much time for blogging. Plus X-mas holidays means getting more print orders out. So if you still haven’t ordered your holiday cards…this Friday is the latest to get them rushed ordered and out the door as soon as you get them..cause man it’s cutting it short.

I spent this morning trying to get my poor tired over-worked hard-drive to start up one last time to transfer the goodies to a new one. I was so nervous hope and praying that it won’t crash on me, still transferring as we speak. I back-up but not as often as I should (bad Kim!) I know.

Miss Heather Osteraa
Head shots
Location: San Jose Convention Center

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Heather on a cool fall afternoon in San Jose, California. Heather is a theater actress and has been singing, acting & dancing since age 4. She is currently looking to secure a role in the up and coming 42nd Street Musical set to open at the American Musical Theater of San Jose in April of 2009.

I am thankful for the many wonderful beautiful people in my life. Thankful for my loving family and my beloved husband. Thankful for the mistakes and disappointments that have lead my life to the path that I am headed towards now.

Wishing everyone a blessed Thanksgiving with the ones you love.

Carla High School Senior Portrait - Oakdale California

Beautiful Carla’s Senior Portrait. I truly love the fall colors at the location she choose.

Maria & Ubaldo’s Wedding
Turlock, California
Ceremony: Lady of Assumption Church
Reception: Turlock Fairground Halls

Maria & Ubaldo’s wedding had an early start and a very late ending…but the longer the event the more wonderful pictures you get. I have been looking forward to this wedding all year. Maria & Ubaldo are the most sweetest down to earth people I know. Through the months since I’ve taken their engagement photos we have become such great friends.

The night before the wedding the weather forecast was threatening rain…but as I spoke to Maria about it…she brushed it off. There were a few sprinkles in the morning…but with the overcast skies… The photos locations were limitless…no searching for shade.

The ceremony was traditional and had a twist or two from the very funny catholic father. The reception was a blast and had some very seriously hilarious moments. The guests and family was a hoot. As seen from their engagement photos I knew that this couple was going to be beautiful to capture. The details of the ceremony, reception down to Maria’s handmade veil (made by her aunt) was tied to family. The lively Mariachi was Maria’s Uncle’s family including wife, sons and daughter. I love photographing the personal details of a wedding and this wedding had it at every turn I took.

We had a greatest time and hope you guys got really really tan in Cancun. Wishing you guys all the happiness in the world cause you two really deserve it.