me in Korea natural light from window

Brrrr… it’s cold this time of year in Korea. I’m here for a whole week! Staying at the Ritz Carlton in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The christmas light decor is still up and gorgeous with stars on the trees and twinkling lights everywhere! So cute! I took some pics last night when we headed out for dinner after checking in…but guess what? I was so excited I grabbed my camera and forgot to put in my memory card. So I was snapping away taking pics of our curry dinner at cute little CocoCurry, the hotel and the city lights around Seoul only to find out there’s nothing when I got back to the hotel. boo!

seoul korea from view of my hotel room Ritz Carlton

Today: My first day in Korea exploring Seoul all by myself while my hubby works – hmmm…what to do? Shopping! of course! Took the Subayway (very clean by the way!) down to Coex Mall. What a Gigantic mall with so much stuff. I must have walked 15-20 miles… I’m not sure how far I walked but my feet hurt like I did. Did I mention everything in Korea is so CUTE! Cute little shops with jackets, scarfs, rings, earrings. Bookstores and novelty shops with wonderful trinkets and they are all so cute! Yeah I can’t over emphasis cute. I wanted to buy everything…but I have a limited budget…so I had to refrain myself. =)
items i purchased today

I’m back at the hotel. Time to put in some work hours before my hubby is gets back from the office. But I’m feeling sleepy and might just take a nap. I don’t know if I’m tired from the cold, shopping or jet-lag, but I’m sleepy. See ya’ll tomorrow.

A quickie before heading out for New Years Eve! Have a safe and fantastically fun night everyone. It’s been a wonderful year full of ups and downs, but looking forward to the new year with great enthusiasm!