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Neri+Carlos+Kary+1=Family I love.

My dear sister in law’s lovely 2009 Family Portraits and Maternity shoot. Our little nephew is due to arrive this month. Can’t

Francine + John Part Duex

Location: Palace of Fine Arts & Baker Beach in San FranciscoMore of the beautifully funny couple. Introducing associate photographer


Isabella one of our smallest cousins is having her baptism this coming August. We unfortunately will not be able to attend due to a

Teasers to be blogged soon.

It’s been a while since my last blog. Been so busy keeping everything on track and keeping the day job in check. I have three new

CSCA Outtakes – Pasadena, California

Fun times. Ran across these while editing. Tiger Pose “>Tiger Pose full POWER! Wishing everyone a great weekend. Looking forward to

Mountain House Shoot

I was a bit under the weather yesterday and still not fully 100% myself yet today. I took the day to relax at home and catch up on some

Baby Shower in Newman

My sister in laws baby shower was held on the first hottest heat wave to hit the valley this year. By 10AM the temperature was past the 3

Happy Wednesday

Going back into work again after a very long extended weekend in Socal. If only I could shoot full-time. One day… I’m slowly

Socal Sneak Peek

Another great trip to Socal with great results. Hoan & Debbie CSCA Pasadena students.

San Franicso Engagement Photography: Angela & George Part II

Angela a school teacher was steered my way through our mutual friend Tam. I noticed Angela & George’s fun, easy going and

San Francisco Engagement Portrait: Sneak Peek

Angela+GeorgeI love Angela’s beautiful eyes. I can totally see how George can get mesmerized by her stunning beauty. Angela &

Next Year Sale Ending Soon

2010 Brides if you have not already taken advantage of our NEXT YEAR SALE please do so as it is expiring May 31, 2009. See details