Russian River Adventures

For those of you that know me personally…or have just even chatted with me for a while – ya’ll know that my hubby travels alot! So we don’t often get chances to take trips or vacations on our own. Since he’s gone so often, that when he is back home in the states…I’m constantly sharing him with family and friends…never time to ourselves. So finally I took the initiative..and I’m gonna try and do this as often as we can.. I booked us a family (kimmy.fidel.mocha) trip down the Russian River. =)

My creation
We headed out to Healdsburg early… a 3 hour drive from Mountain House. Our ship (canoe) was set to sail out at 10 am. We got there earlier than expected…and explored a bit.

Finally we got our gear together, got the instructions on how to use our water vessel and we were off! Backwards! ahaha… Did I mention we had Mocha with us too! She’s always been afraid of water. It took a bit of coaxing to get her in the vessel. Once in she stayed low..hehe. But she got brave and started pawing at the water…and after an hour, she was out and about guiding the vessel like a true sea-dog!

The entire trip down the Russian River was 5 hours. It was great fun. Mocha got to experience water and even learned how to swim! We bought her a life vest and everything…but there was no need for it. She’s a natural now in the water and loves it.
My creation