Bay Area Strobist Meet

Spent Saturday afternoon with a bunch of interesting photographers taking pictures at the BAS Group Meet at Cuesta Park in Mountain View. I learned and picked up on a few tricks and tips. Models were really great. It was a very nice turnout and got some really great shots. The afternoon was perfectly overcasted with patches of sunshine peeking through…gorgeous lighting. Although this group is off camera flash photography group…the lighting was so perfect in some areas that extra flash lighting was not needed. Many of the photographer’s had the pocket wizard trigger, which I got a chance to use – very impressive. I now understand that it is not overpriced but well worth it’s very high price. But for now Cactus triggers will have to do.

I was the only female photographer in attendance. My better half was schedule to go as well but was called off for a business trip to Singapore. I guess he’ll just have to wait til the next meet. There were 3 models that showed up for the shoot.
I had brought my wedding dress to contribute to the cause. It needed a cleaning so might as well get it dirty before I take it to the cleaners and get it preserved. It was a nice first time experience and I look forward to the next meet.

My creation
1. Alex, 2. Alex, 3. alex, 4. Alex

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1. Michelle, 2. Michelle, 3. Michelle, 4. Michelle

My creation
1. Lily, 2. Lily